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We hope you have gained additional knowledge about Natural Gas, and the benefits of using CNG to fuel your vehicle or fleet. If you don't think CNG is the right fuel for you, check out some other alternative fuels and see if they could benefit you. There are more federal programs and incentives for other alternative fuels. We hope you give them all some thoughtful consideration.

Lastly, we hope you are able to find the station. Keep scrolling to learn more about fueling with us, or click below to learn more about other alternative fuel options.

Contact Flint River Fuel Center About Fueling Accounts for CNG and Diesel Fuel


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2568 GA-49
Oglethorpe, GA 31068

Latitude: 32.264297
Longitude: -84.085253

Natural Gas Fueling Info
NG Fill Type: Quick Fill
PSI: 3600
NG Vehicle Class: HD
Payment: D M V Voyager Wright_Exp

Hours of Operation
Hours: 24 Hours a Day
Days: 7 Days a Week

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To set up a fueling account give us a call or email us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.                                   

(478) 472-7531

Creating a CNG or Diesel Fuel Account.


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